Licensing Agency Case Study

Children’s Home Society of Okeechobee and the Treasure Coast is a nonprofit agency contracted to provide training for families interested in adopting children from the foster care system.

Over the years, Children’s Home Society had developed processes to screen and educate families before beginning training and a home study. These processes were effective, but were time- and resource-intensive. A staff person’s resignation in February 2020 left the agency short-staffed and looking to hire. In March 2020, the global pandemic made filling the position and continuing their processes nearly impossible.

“Family-Match has allowed us to streamline our processes and continue working with community families during COVID in a virtual environment. What was once a 1-to-3-hour process of conducting in-home family interviews has now become an efficient onboarding process, thanks to faster families (an extension of Adoption-Share's Family-Match Program). I am now able to prioritize which families to invite to our pre-service training classes based on information I can access on Family-match. This ensures our agency is licensing families who are the most ready, willing, able, and compatible with the children we serve.”

—Children’s Home Society of Okeechobee and the Treasure Coast

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