Family Case Study

Andrea and Ronald Hurt always knew they wanted to adopt. Their desire to expand their family and be obedient to a call they felt God had put on their hearts enabled them to take the first steps to begin the application process. But after being home study approved, Andrea and Ronald’s excitement turned to dismay as inquiry after inquiry through child marketing sites produced zero responses.

After exploring over 186 children waiting to be adopted, this family was close to giving up their dream. Fortunately, the Hurts discovered Family-Match, created a profile, and completed their compatibility assessments. Within two business days, Andrea and Ronald received a call that would change their lives: a social worker two hours away had a sibling set of four that needed an adoptive family, and Andrea and Ronald showed up on their Family-Match account as being a compatible match.

With the success of THIS adoption OF FOUR SIBLINGS, the same agency used Family-Match to MATCH THE Hurts with a 12-year-old boY, AND THEY recently adopted HIM. Today, the family that almost gave up haS adopted FIVE children and HAS recently BEEN matched with aNOTHER sibling set of FIVE—a placement they believe will be their last adoption as a family of 14.

“It's crazy to think that the whole time we were waiting to be matched and WERE reaching out to workers to inquire on over 186 children, my kids had been right there just two hours away—waiting to be connected to us. Family-Match made that possible, and we are so grateful.”

—Andrea Hurt, Adoptive Parent

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